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Meet The Team



Years riding: 35...ish

Years in the industry: 19

Favorite bike: OTSO Voytek

Favorite ride in KC: WYCO

Perfect day: Wake up in a hammock, ride, lunch, hammock, ride, dinner, campfire, that order



Years riding: 11

Years in the industry: 11

Favorite bike: Kona Libre

Favorite ride in KC: Blue River Park

Perfect day: Waking up in the beautiful Bentonville, AR, eating a big breakfast, shredding the gnar on the trails, then crushing some wings at Peddler's Pub



Years riding: 18

Years in the industry: 5

Favorite bike: OTSA Waheela C

Favorite ride in KC: Gold loop at SMP

Perfect day: Wake up early, hit some country gravel, and feast on a nice big cheeseburger after my ride



Years riding (and racing): 28 

Years in the industry: 26

Favorite bike: Donnelly Cross Carbon

Favorite ride in KC: The gravel at SMP connected to the Gary Haller Trail to Clare Road and out to Frisbee Road

Perfect day: A mixed terrain ride with friends, especially exploring new areas



Years riding (and racing): 50 

Years in the industry: Many moons (25+)

Favorite bike: OTSO Warakin Ti

Favorite ride in KC: The gravel in NW Missouri

Perfect day: Riding anywhere on any surface under any sky...just being free and on a bike



Years riding (and racing): 30 

Years in the industry: 1 

Favorite bike: Honzo ST (anything steel!)

Favorite ride in KC: Anything but WYCO

Perfect day: Not too hot with a handful of downhill techy goodness

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